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Our Incia stem table lamp is perfect for a bedside table or side table due to its slim and sleek design. The metal base has a washed finish to add texture and it is beautifully paired with an oatmeal lampshade.…
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Luxurious and opulent glass dome table lamp
Luxurious yet classic, neutral table lamp.
Black Long Necked Bauhaus Pendant
A statement communist-era fitting
Reclaimed Modern Aluminium Light with Wired Glass Diffuser
Reclaimed black industrial downlighter from former Czechoslovakia.
Extra Large Factory pendant in White
Upcycled Tubular Heater Lamp
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Traditional Barbers Pole Light
Ribbed Art Deco Glass Pendant Dome
Effortless Oak Beam Feature Bulb Light
Heavy Duty Stadium Spotlight Lamp
Bronze Plate Plug in Sconce Light
Wonderful Workbench Style Clamp Lamp
Caged Concrete Pendant Light