In the new world we now live in where all of us are spending more time than ever in our homes, a large number of us have chosen to spend our precious time upgrading our nests, our homes. Lots of us have been decorating and building new areas such as home offices, children’s classrooms and necessary extra storage. I bet a number of us left out our lighting. If that’s you, then look no further because at we offer a wide range of statement fittings. In keeping with our modern rustic branding, we supply authentic industrial home lighting. With many fixtures salvaged from derelict factory across Europe, you will find perfect scene setting pendants and shades. Bold and beautiful.


Reclaimed Factory Lighting 

Reclaimed factory lighting can be used to illuminate dining areas and make a true industrial statement as shown here. At we believe that choosing the correct lighting is vital in achieving the desired look. They can complete any area and are key to our wellbeing and our day to day lifestyles. Industrial home lighting can be used cleverly to alter the mood or feeling of any corner of any room. Reclaimed factory lighting tends to be both built to last and large in scale. These light fittings when used correctly will totally change a space. They will never feel dated and can be used to create the most ambient enjoyable setting.


How to Use Reclaimed Industrial Home Lighting?

Now you are sold on updating your interior; how will you use your reclaimed industrial home lighting? The most important thing is to choose the correct type of light for the intention of the space you are attempting to illuminate. For instance, if you are looking for something with a soft glow, perhaps for an overhead reading lamp for those looming winter evenings, you may choose our vintage green opaline shade. Ideal for creating cosy ambient lighting. Use a variety of lighting options all in one room. This allows you to have flexibility of a space in your home. Try the larger scale lights like our Black Serin as more focussed bright lighting above kitchen islands or dining tables. Our advice to you when purchasing our industrial home lighting is ask for advice. Let us know your intentions and we will happily consult on what options you have for installation. Email: with any questions you may have.