At we are proud to offer our custom-made dining tables, bespoke hand-crafted industrial style tables made to order and to suit your individual needs. We are truly passionate about turning your industrial vision into a reality, with lead times as little as 8 weeks. Design your own amazing statement table for your home, sure to be a timeless piece, maybe even a future heirloom. Create social family friendly spaces with our beautiful tables now. With a variety of bases and tops to choose from, let us talk you through the custom option available to you today.


Table Base Options

In true style all of our table base options have an industrial appearance. Choose between solid steel and oak beam bases. Or why not combine the two? To begin your custom table experience, start by selecting one of our bases from our CUSTOM DINING TABLE product page. You will later be able to customise this table style using our user-friendly drop-down options. The table bases can be left unfinished for a raw rustic feel or why not try powder coating them to suit your décor. With 35 base options in total, we are sure you will find the perfect table base for your home.


To get your creative juices flowing we have decided to share with you not only one but two of our custom-made dining table bases. Both can be seen in varying materials and our Gulf base can actually be placed in two different positions. Feel inspired and try your own variation today. Email to arrange a free consultation.


Tabletop Options

So, you have your table base and finish selected. Next you are onto selecting your desired wooden top. Getting the correct tone of wood to suit your industrial décor can sometimes be frustrating. We offer a range of tops in Old oak, New Oak, American Walnut and even reclaimed Barn wood. Each of which can be varnished in a range of oils to achieve the desired finish.


Looking for a more organic look to both contrast and complement our contemporary bases. Shop our live edge tabletop styles amongst our custom-made dining tables range.


Measure Up

We offer our custom-made dining tables in a variety of workable shapes and sizes. Choose from oval, round or rectangle tabletops. Increasing in measurements of 20cms, we are sure you will find the perfect table size to fit that dining space. Can’t find what you are looking for? Email to arrange a free consultation.