When it comes to industrial style side tables, we know what we are doing at StrayMagpie.com. Sturdy, strong and stylish; they offer the most perfect industrial storage solution for your home. Did we mention they are also sustainable? Our side tables are handcrafted from reclaimed materials built to last. With us owning more and more treasured items in our homes we often find storage a difficult topic. We want to share with you why we believe that our industrial style side tables are an absolute interior design must.


Super Storage

Our industrial style side tables have been created from reclaimed workbenches. Beautifully restored; with carefully waxed wooden tops and blasted metal. They look every bit authentic whilst providing a generous amount of storage. Fill the drawers, cupboards and shelves with your everyday necessities or cherished gifts. We believe that our reclaimed side tables will serve a purpose in any room. Why not try using one of the cubbyholes to store your firewood for your log burner? Or even try with some unique reclaimed storage boxes.


Display Surface Space

In a world where we love sharing images of our lifestyles via Instagram or Pinterest, we know, just like us at StrayMagpie.com, you will not be able to resist styling our industrial style side tables. They provide a new surface to accessorise. Try with one of our industrial lamps, medicine jars or simply stack your favourite books. At StrayMagpie.com we particularly like adding our reclaimed stable mirrors which make any space feel even bigger. We believe that every room should have a styles surface, not only to allow your personality to shine through your home but because it is the only way to make a house feel like a home. Loved and lived in.


Perfect Imperfections

With their previous workbench history, our reclaimed industrial style side tables are one of a kind. Each individual piece has been carefully adapted and restored to suit your industrial styled home. There are no two the same. The individual design features of each and every StrayMagpie.com side table, brings with it their own story and perfectly imperfect patterns. With varying blemishes, textures and tones our side tables are truly unique. A must have for their practicality and style.