At we aim to bring you the best in industrial furniture interior design. Providing you with an e-commerce platform filled with industrial inspiration. We aim to not only bring timeless top-quality products, but aspirational content to help you style your interiors the way. We love giving unique reclaimed items a second life, a new purpose. How? We source unloved items with a factory feel and up-cycle them, restore them but what we really want is for you to re-home them. Find our favourite industrial furniture pieces shown in our rooms below.


  1. Reclaimed Carpentry Bench

The perfect working from home desk that is big in size and style. This reclaimed carpentry bench was salvaged from Europe and is a quirky piece with working vices and a wonderful worn appearance. We found the corner created from the vice extremely useful. A wonderful example of reclaimed industrial furniture.

  1. Up-cycled Tubular Heater Light

Tucked behind our laptop the beautiful carpentry bench has a trough which provides the perfect spot for our Spotted Crake heater light, creating a cozy atmosphere when working those late nights from home after hours. No desk space lost. Only industrial furniture design would allow for these quirky practical solutions.

  1. Reclaimed Pallet Trolley

Industrial furniture done easy. We all love using reclaimed wooden shipping pallets, but ever thought about up-cycling pallet trolleys? Completely manoeuvrable, quite obviously durable but also stylish. We source these beautiful pieces of industrial furniture for you and can finish the metal in any desired colour on request.

We chose to style ours shown here in modern black to complete the contemporary industrial look. We look how the graphic of our books add to this inspirational image. We know you can see this in your space. So stylish!

  1. Reclaimed Butchers Blocks

Our new industrial furniture obsession. At we cannot get enough of reclaimed butchers blocks. They are so versatile and have wonderful blemishes. They are all completely unique. Use them as traditional free-standing cutting blocks for all you foodies. Or simply try them as interesting side tables. We have even seen people using them as industrial style wash basins or bedside tables. We want to see how you will use yours.